Be sure you are aware of all rules and rule changes. All offensive players shall use a double ear-flap batting helmet whenever at bat, on deck, on base or any other time outside of the dugout and the ball is live and in play. For any player to be eligible, they must be listed on the ELIGIBLE PLAYERS list on their teams online Roster. will be awarded based on PG Seeding and Tie Breaker Rules. It will be posted on our website: Players are responsible for their equipment and must clean such substances off of their bats so that the substance does not add to the thickness of the bat or obscure any Key Graphics Information about the bat. Regulators. Run Differential with a maximum of (8) Descending, The playing field shall be laid out according to the recommended dimensions contained within these rules. Teams may start and end a game with no less than 8 players. Fair Ball Arc: There shall be a twenty (20) foot arc drawn from first (1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. Judgment calls are not eligible for protest. For all cumulative totals in this rule, one (1) out equals one-third (1/3) of an inning, two (2) outs equals two thirds (2/3) of an inning and three (3) outs equals one (1) full inning. 44 M.P.H. A team may score a maximum of seven (7) runs per inning. West Columbia Oilers 10u. . Any player catching must wear all necessary protective gear including a catchers helmet with a facemask, throat guard (separately attached or built in), chest protector, chin/leg guards, and an athletic supporter. Participation in, Profits from, or Encouraging the Altering of USSSA Marked Bats: Anyone who participates in, profits from, or encourages the altering of USSSA marked bats shall be suspended indefinitely from all USSSA activities, until the offending party has satisfied all requests of the USSSA Altered Bat Committee with respect to his altered bat activities including but not limited to publicly swearing under penalties of perjury to never again participate in, profit from, or encourage the altering of USSSA marked bats. At any point, a Perfect Game Director or UIC may request to inspect a bat that is at a Perfect Game sanctioned event. Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game. The player would be ineligible to legally pitch the next day. Youth Player Altered Bats: The parents or legal guardians of a youth player suspended pursuant to USSSA Rules 13.02.C.1 and / or 13.02.C.2 may be suspended for any time period, including life, from all USSSA sanctioned activities. 7.05.B.7. The use of ANY tobacco or any electronic smoking devices such as e-cigarettes, vape pens or atomizers shall be prohibited by all participants (including but not limited to players, manager, coaches, umpires) within the confines of the playing field and dugouts. If not go to #4. After the Director, Altered Bat Committee and Manufacturer examination of a bat to determine if it is altered have all been completed, or upon the decision of the owner / user to not allow further inspection of the bat pursuant to USSSA Rules 13.02.C.1 and / or 13.02.C.2, the bat shall be returned to the owner. When a runner stands off a base and jukes or fakes back and forth, this is to be interpreted as not attempting to advance and Time shall be called. USSSA encourages its directors, umpires, coaches, referees, teams, team managers, and all adults involved in youth activities and participants to learn all they can about concussions in athletics and requires each of them and each of the USSSA directors to follow all federal, state and local laws (including concussion training and reaction laws) with regard to athletic competition sanctioned by USSSA. No team should benefit from the result of a forfeit in an unfair manner. The bat has had the surface of the barrel or the taper changed in any way such as by addition of graphics, painting, repainting, removal of bat material or paint by any means including but not limited to sandpapering or applying a solvent to the surface such as fingernail polish remover or by any other means. If the Umpire discovers that a bat has been used to put a ball in play and before the next legal pitch, the defensive team shall have the choice of the result of play or the batter being called out and all runners returning to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. Pool play overall record (winning percentage), If two teams are tied -Head to Head winner. Defensive coaches shall not be allowed on the field of play and shall coach from the dugout. Penalty: Any ineligible player MAY cause the team to be disqualified and put in last place. All leagues and tournaments played under the jurisdiction and administration of USSSA Baseball shall utilize Umpires who are registered with the Association. You must declare at the start of the game, and once the first pitch has been thrown the lineup is locked, and the number of batters may not be changed. An imposed Mercy (run) Rule shall be used to complete a regulation game when one teams margin of lead is greater than or equal to the listed run differential in the corresponding listed start inning. The outs recorded during the portion of the game played prior to suspension shall count as being played on the regularly scheduled day and the outs recorded during the portion of the game played once resumed, shall count as being played on the resumed day. A runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is hit or reaches home plate. If an illegal pitcher is permitted to pitch, any pitch or play that results is legal. If the violating pitcher has legal innings remaining, the violation is deemed an improper substitution and is corrected without penalty. Players are responsible for their equipment and must not use equipment that is even potentially illegal for use in USSSA sanctioned play. A flip of a coin between the two teams shall determine the home team for each pool play game The highest seeded team shall be the home team for bracket play games in single elimination brackets. 14U Championships. 5U Division Players who turn 6 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible. A player that pitches more than three (3) innings in one day MUST rest the next day. 10U Division- Players who turn 11 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible unless they are in the 3th grade. Players who turn 15 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible. Teams may use free substitution on defense, but the batting order shall remain the same. Infield fly rules do not apply. 7U Division Players who turn 8 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible. 8u Machine Pitch Specific Rules; 8u Kid Pitch Specific Rules; 7-8u Coach Pitch . Metal spikes may be worn in divisions 13U and older. GEORGIA SUNDAY SERIES EVENTS - Time limits apply for all games, including Championships. The bat has had anything removed or added or inserted to the inside or outside of the bat other than tape at the handle or knob. Pool Play / Tie Breaker Criteria: Once advanced to subsequent tie breaker criteria, do not return to a previous criteria. 7.04.B. For purposes of pitching limitations rules, a pitcher is in violation of the rule if he records any out above the legal pitching limits pursuant to these rules. The umpire will declare the official start time at the end of the home plate coaches meeting. National High School Federation Baseball Rules will be enforced with the following exceptions. A batter who swings after showing bunt shall be called out and no runners may advance. Statistics; Games Wins Losses Ties Scored Allowed Win % 10: 2: 0: 8: 23: 0: 20%: Games; Date Home Visitor Location Score Score Duration Status; Saturday 02/25/2023 02:30:00 PM: Supernova 10U 2023: Owls 10U 2023: Collins 3: 8: 0: 90: Final: Saturday 03 . If Key Graphic Information about a bat cannot be read, the bat should not be used in USSSA play. 13.02.C.9. A pitcher that pitches in a game and records no outs is not charged with any innings pitched. The objective of USSSA Rec Baseball shall be to organize and promote youth and adult baseball, to perpetuate the interest and love of the game. The head coach penalties apply in either case. In case of scheduling changes, it is the teams responsibility, not the tournament committee, to make sure they are aware of the new schedule or any scheduling changes. The runner does not have to contact the fielder and the fielder does not have to control the ball for this to be considered an illegal act. *This does not apply to Pitch Smart violations. State Directors shall set guidelines for teams to qualify for the All-Star State Championship and World Series. In a situation in which tournament staff and the home team are unable to score the visitor would become the official book. All players on the roster shall bat before returning to the top of the batting order. Participating players shall have photocopies of their original birth certificates (US) or passports (International) in the possession of their team manager. 12U Division If the owner/user refuses to allow the requesting body to inspect the bat the owner/user accepts an automatic three-year suspension from Perfect Game sanctioned events. oXrJ+3F&Qn}NN R{$}z=[ICvq} $f 13.02.C.11(d). League Participation: In all USSSA Baseball sanctioned leagues, teams shall qualify for State Championships and / or World Series play. Gm# 22. Gary Redus set the all-time single-season record for baseball's highest single-season average in 1978, with a 462 BA. Other examples of altering a bat would be changing or replacing manufacturers markings or replacing the handle of a bat with a new handle. The courtesy runner shall be the player that made the previous out. A player that pitches three (3) consecutive days (regardless of total quantity of innings pitched) MUST rest the next day. For example, even if the only graphics that have worn off are not Key Graphic Information and are only items such as the patent no., a manufacturer logo, or the approval mark of another association, the bat should be removed from play for being too worn. Compression Testing: Failure of a USSSA approved compression testing device test shall result in the offending bat being removed from play for the duration of the tournament or league game but no longer without the permission of the owner / user such as in the case of an allowed USSSA altered bat determination pursuant to USSSA Rule 13.02.C.1 and / or 13.02.C.2. Once the bat has been returned to the owner, no appeal can be made with respect to whether the bat is altered or not. Recreational Baseball - Calendar Days Rest/Pitch Count 6U Division Players who turn 7 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible. Molded balls without a traditional cover will be allowed in USSSA play but will require at least 6 weeks of field testing by USSSA and written approval of USSSA in advance of applying the USSSA Mark to such balls, which written approval may add additional performance/design requirements not otherwise applicable to other USSSA licensed balls. Penalties for illegal bats will be assessed as per the NFHS rule book. Subsequent violations: batter is pronounced out (if discovered before a pitch to next batter) and head coach is ejected. Such pressure would include, but is not limited to, compressing the bat, rolling the bat, vicing the bat or hitting the bat against an object such as a tree or pole. The members of the coaching staff (including the manager) can make one mound visit per pitcher per inning without needing to remove the pitcher from the game. Players, coaches, managers, fans, spectators, or sponsors threatening an umpire, tournament official, associate director, or associate officer with physical harm. Players who turn 10 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible. There is very little action because the pitchers have a hard time throwing strikes. Championship Round/Playoffs: However, those players must be born on/after January 1, 2011 to be eligible. 12.02.A.4. All bats for age divisions 14U and younger must be permanently stamped with the new USSSA 1.15 BPF Mark (Chart 7.01.C), or BBCOR.50 Certified Mark or made of wood and manufactured by a licensed USSSA manufacturer. When a batted ball hits the pitching machine, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded one base, with each runner advancing one base. ONE DAY MAXIMUM: The maximum number of innings a player can legally pitch in one (1) day. However, those players must be born on/after January 1, 2010 to be eligible. However, those players must be born on/after January 1, 2013 to be eligible. Malicious contact shall supersede all obstruction penalties. If a game is called due to rain, weather, light failure or other acts of nature and cannot be resumed it is a regulation game if: For a six (6) inning game, if three (3) innings have been played or if the home team has scored more runs after two and one half (2 1/2) innings the game shall be declared a complete game. USABat, BBCOR and Wood bats are also allowed. This information will be posted on the tournament web site when it becomes available. A player may NOT be Intentionally Walked. All bats for scholastic divisions (High School Events) must conform to the National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) bat standards including a length to weight ratio no greater than negative three (-3) ounces. ONLYTWOschool grade exemptions per team will be allowed for players who are in the 3rd grade who turn 10 years old before May 1st, 2023. In addition, Umpires may choose to purchase optional insurance that shall cover the Umpire during non-USSSA Baseball contests. Game 3 Sat 12:15 PM. In age divisions 5U 12U, non-metal cleats shall be worn. State Directors shall set guidelines for teams to qualify for the League State Championship and World Series. Ten (10) defensive players shall play in the field with four (4) outfielders. No team shall be allowed to compete in any USSSA Rec League Baseball program without first paying their team registration fee. 10U BASEBALL RULES (Rev. The DH would normally bat for one player and any of that players substitutes on defense for the original player. The Tournament Director will rule in the fairest possible way. Time will be kept by the PG Field Director. A suspended game will resume where the game was halted. An at bat cannot end on a foul ball. When a batted ball hits the Pitching Coach, the following shall apply: If in the Umpires judgment, the coach did not make a legitimate attempt to avoid contact, the batter is declared out and no runners shall advance. The official scorebook and lineup card for the game will be kept by tournament staff, in case of emergency where staff cannot keep book the home team will be the official scorer. In the event during bracket play that both teams are seeded the same, we will have coin flip. Descending (more than 2 teams tied, skip this tie breaker), 6) Avg. This will allow both teams to have a fair and even shot at getting unlimited runs in their last at bat. Assault on an official is a felony in some states. If the Umpire discovers that a bat has been used to put a ball in play and before the next legal pitch, the defensive team shall have the choice of the result of play or the batter being called out and all runners returning to the base occupied at the time of the pitch. The 10th and 11th hitter if used will be designated as an EH and XH on the lineup card. The quantity of awards to be presented for Qualifying Tournaments shall be at the discretion of the State Director. Rule 7.01.C Penalty: (First Offense) If the Umpire discovers that a bat does not conform to USSSA Rule 7.01.C until a time during or after which the bat has been used in play, it shall not be grounds for declaring the batter out and/or ejection from the game. CKAA Minors (10u) Baseball Rules and Regulations. An at bat cannot end on a foul ball. Note: Players in 12U and younger divisions must wear a catchers helmet that fully covers both ears. A pitcher will only be allowed to pitch 3 innings per game and a maximum of 6 innings per week. In 10u baseball pitching is now a big part of the game. (Run Rules still apply). (Chart 7.01.A-1). Please be reminded that unsportsmanlike conduct can result in a game or tournament suspension in the discretion of the Umpire or tournament director and up to a year suspension in the discretion of the State Director. Non-wood and multi-piece wood bats must be BBCOR or USABat certified. Leagues shall conform to all the requirements pursuant to USSSA Rules 12.01.A.1 12.01. Supernova 10U 2023 III. If games are cancelled, pool winners and championship qualification will be determined by the tie breaking procedures (listed below). <> ONLYTWOschool grade exemptions per team will be allowed for players who are in the 4th grade who turn 11 years old before May 1st, 2023. The player, parents and managers could face suspension. 9U-10U: 46/65. The manger could face suspension. If a team elects to use a DH, only 9 players may bat. Run Differential with a maximum of (8) Descending, For details on field layout including recommended direction of play, fair and foul territory requirements, infield and outfield. A player who is in violation of the USSSA Constitution or the Official Baseball National By-laws & Rules shall be an illegal player. However, those players must be born on/after January 1, 2016 to be eligible. If the bat is found to be altered, no awards or berth shall be given, and the team shall be placed last in the standings and the listed manager and coaches may be suspended for unsportsmanlike conduct. Each batter will receive a max of six pitches or three swinging strikes. Rule 8.08 Penalty: The play continues. This is the case even if the schedule says otherwise. players can ever bat in another batting position. The Courtesy Runner shall be the player making the last batted out. Umpire Membership: An Umpire registration fee shall be paid yearly to officiate in the USSSA Baseball program. 7.05.B.4(b), A player that pitches eight (8) innings in two (2) consecutive days MUST rest the next day. The responsibility for knowing whether a bat is altered is that of the users and the owner of the bat. In the event play is stopped for any reason before or during the Championship round, first place, second place, third place, etc. No stealing home. 9U-10U: All games will be played on 46x65 fields. Second place teams will always be taken ahead of 3rd place teams for wild cards, 3rd place ahead of 4th place, etc. Please see the specific event home page for the bat type being used. State Directors may sanction others with the approval of the Baseball Committee Chairman. It shall be the responsibility of each team to challenge pitching violations by notifying the Umpire and then filing a Protest with the League / Tournament Director. If the DH enters the game on defense, the player he was batting for must come out of the game. The committees decision will be final! The 10U National League is open to boys or girls who are 9-10 years of age as of January 1st of the current registration year. Teams may start a game with eight (8) players. No outfielder shall assume an infield position. Regardless of the number of players you have. A team with a player found to be illegal due to age, grade or class violation, anytime during the USSSA event, will be deemed ineligible. Also, coaches of adult teams which have multiple offenses under this rule may also be so suspended for failing to have his team follow USSSA. Dugouts are not assigned. The EH and XH may bat at any spot in the order. Rule 8.03.C Additional Penalty: If a coach violates this rule before the ball is pitched, First Offense: Warning; Second Offense: Removal of coach as the pitcher for the remainder of the game. A13Upitcher begins the batter at 94 pitches he may finish the current hitter then must be removed from the game. The bat has been subjected to pressure in a manner that exceeds that of striking the bat at game speed swing speed against a USSSA approved ball traveling at game speeds. The Panther Baseball Club 7U. No runners may advance from the last base legally occupied at the time of the illegal act. Field Dimensions Pitching rubber: 46 feet from the back of home plate Basepath: 60 feet Distance from home to 2nd base: 85 feet Player Participation Other examples of altering a bat would be changing or replacing manufacturers markings or replacing the handle of a bat with a new handle. sternocleidomastoid synergist and antagonist, ford 6 cylinder marine diesel engine, management fee calculation excel,